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Being Bliss Healing Therapy School of Metaphysics

Need a relaxing massage, enjoy a Swedish, Hot Stone Massage, Meridian balancing, or a reiki or reflexology session. See more info:

Emotional Counselling

Energy Alignment

Soul Recovery

Mind, Soul, Body, Triggers

Spiritual Awareness courses and meditations

Tipi gatherings

Soul Food

When you are feel imbalanced or seek answers, give Sanatra a text or call.

Master Masseuse, Meta-physician, & Reiki Master for more than 30 years, and Munay-ki Emissary of heart light. Your sister of light.

Sanatra helps guide and assist you into feeling better, head to toe, inside and out. She specializes in mind, body and soul alignment.

Cranial sacral for headaches, migraines, exhaustion, depression, anger, energy balancing, trauma, neck and shoulders, backs and sciatica. Dis-orders

Or simply treat yourself to a head to toe overall balancing.

Yes I have a tremendous rapport with pregnant, pregnancy and fertility issues.

Your time is now to feel better, live better and manifest your dreams.

Take the time out for you and seize this opportunity.

New treatment offered Chakra tuning forks for balancing your entire energy field.

Sacred Munay-ki rites and Reiki Initiations.

See massage and energy healings pages for modalities and prices.
House available for emergency only!

Call us 604-819-6555

About us

Rejuvenating Massage in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley
Sanatra of Being Bliss Healing Therapy School of Metaphysics See more info: is dedicated to adopting both a physical and a spiritual approach to the healing practices. She performs her sessions in a natural environment, allowing clients to feel the healing qualities her services can bring. Her massage therapy treatments include techniques of soothing Swedish massage, hot stone massage, Reiki, reflexology, sports recovery work, and aromatherapy. She also expands her services into ear candling, foot spa, life counseling, life coaching and metaphysical courses for mind body recovery and soul expansion.

News letter and updates

Going through the challenges of life, many of us feel overwhelmed and helpless. Being Bliss Healing Therapy invites you to reach out for spiritual guidance, which often can shed light on otherwise perplexing situations. An experienced and gifted Reiki master, healer and masseuse, based in Chilliwack, Sanatra, offers aura readings and healing sessions that aim to help you let go of old pain and increase your awareness. Sanatra has served the Fraser Valley with readings for more than 25 years.

Sanatra is also certified in energy psychology, behavioural medicine, and preventative medicine, enabling her to practice interactive meditations, hypnosis, and mind body alignment guidance.

Due to the personal nature of her work, Sanatra sees her clients only by appointment. Please contact Sanatra by phone, text message or email for guided insights, psychic readings, palmistry, crystal ball and crystal gem readings, channeling, auric readings, and tarot readings that reveal the past, present and future. She also provides yearly or monthly forecasts through intuition and/or astrology, upon request. Her charts can guide you where to move and travel, also how your energy relates to people and places.
Want to know your successful days ahead of time. Detailed charts take about a week.

Party and DJ Services
If you're planning a wedding, a birthday bash or a family reunion, DJ Sanatra will make it more fun by playing well-loved hits. Your friends and family will enjoy dancing and letting loose during karaoke. Book a DJ for all your Fraser Valley events! See more info:

Pricing and More Information
Learn more about Being Bliss Healing Therapy and find pricing information by visiting Please call if you have any questions.
Or book now Online scheduling

Brands Carried

  • Swedish Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage & Hot Steaming Towels

  • Reiki Treatments & Initiations

  • Munay-Ki Rites

  • Astrology Charts for success, travel, moving and compatibility

  • Hypnosis, weight, grief, anger, soul recovery, Inner child, family healing, confidence, heart ache

  • Meditation, courses, gathering, circle every 2nd Wednesday of the month. Universal heart healing

  • Good-Vibe Tipi Teepee Tribe group healing every 4th Wednesday of the month

  • Tipi B&B Teepee, Chilliwack, weddings, gatherings, ceremonies, groups

  • Chakra balancing, Chakra tuning forks and reading

  • Fascia deep therapy massage healing

  • Cranial Sacral, headaches, migraines, neck and shoulders

  • Medium, channeling, short messages from loved ones, spirit guides, angel messages

  • Ear Candling, coning, hearing loss, ear blockages, wax build up, vertigo, balance

  • Psychic reading, teacher, tarot, angel cards, crystal reading, messages, soul guidance

  • Sports Therapy, recovery

  • Emotional pain, counseling, inspirational guidance

  • depression, soul destiny, hope and will retrieval, directional guidance, motivational teacher

  • Intense healing assessment

  • Black pearl, for anger, stress and trauma relief and rebirthing

  • infertile, birth coaching, prenatal guidance, fertility problems

  • Feng Shui, for business and home

  • Ghost busting, house cleansing, paranormal guidance

Languages Spoken

  • English



Being Bliss Healing Therapy

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