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Fabulous Massage Healing Treatments!
Painful stuck old energy, bad back, neck, shoulders? Perhaps it’s time for them to be gone, for only $65 an hour for a limited time.
Psychic Readings, Psychic Guidance
Know now! Find out now with 100% accuracy most of the time! Tune into your destiny for only $2 a minute for a limited time (with a 10 minute minimum).
StarBabies DJ and Karaoke Entertainment
Professional DJ for you and your family. Weddings and parties, dance, sing, live, laugh, love!

Being Bliss Healings, also known as Ascending Pathways Healing Therapy & Sound – With Dr. Sanatra Serving Chilliwack & Abbotsford with Readings for More than 25 Years

Inside Each One of us There Exists an Infinite Source of Wisdom
Going through the challenges of life, many of us feel overwhelmed and helpless. Being Bliss Healings (formerly Ascending Pathways) invites you to reach out for spiritual guidance, which often can shed light on otherwise perplexing situations. Based in Chilliwack, Sanatra, a Reiki master, healer and masseuse offers aura readings and healing sessions that aim to help you let go of old pain and increase your awareness.

Due to the personal nature of her work, Sanatra sees her clients only by appointment. Please schedule your visit by phone or email.

Rejuvenating Massage Sessions

Our minds and bodies are connected, and that's why massage, reflexology and yoga are all great ways to help you with stress release and your overall well-being. Through the art of massage, Sanatra helps her clients realign their energy, feel younger and deal with depression, grief and anxiety.

Party and DJ Services

If you're planning a wedding, a birthday bash or a family reunion, StarBabies will make it more fun with DJ Sanatra playing well-loved hits, and your friends and family dancing and letting loose during karaoke. Book a DJ for all your Fraser Valley events!