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Spiritual Guidance, Soul Discovery & Psychic Reading in Abbotsford

Need Some Enlightenment on Your Situation? Only $100/30 minutes!

Contact Sanatra for guided insights, psychic readings, palmistry, crystal ball, crystal gem, channeling, auric readings, and tarot readings, including the past, present and future. Sanatra assists with emotional situations that may be blocking your path. She gently helps to guide you into an easier path by helping you see possible outcomes and how to help re-frame your old trained thought processing. She does this to help us see our old thoughts and help bring them into the light, so we can receive the gifts that are silently waiting for us. People often say "Wow, that was deep” Sanatra shares. “I open with a message from the spirit, and something you need to know,” Sanatra shares. She also will provide yearly or monthly forecasts through intuition and or astrology, upon request.

Before and During Your Reading

You are welcome to bring your special stones and gems to receive a reading from. You are welcome to bring your phone or recording device or pen and paper if you wish to record your reading. For best results have a private one on one reading. Your friends and family are welcome, but their energy fields do inter-mingle with your reading.

Do not fear! I find many fear what they may hear. Do not fear for it is fear that is blocking you from receiving all that you desire, wish, hope and dream of.

Dr. Sanatra believes we are all multi-dimensional beings coinciding in an illusion of a 3 dimensional existence, all continuously in divine order. It is only our dis-comforts, dis-eases, and dis-harmony that veil our true conscious awareness and no one or nothing is holding us back from our true beingness at any time. It's only our fears of the past and our previous teaching that are our divine teachers of habitance and survival.

Word From Dr. Sanatra

All I promise is to help you with the best of my ability and teachings. We are all teachers, students and healers on many levels continuously for one another. Dr. Sanatra offers private courses of meditation, how to give psychic readings professionally, and Reiki attunements into mastership—in three full-day courses. You can expect to feel clearer, lighter, and more attuned to your body and surroundings. For more information, contact Dr. Sanatra.

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