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Inside each one of us there exists an infinite source of wisdom

Black Pearl

A lovely combination of ancient massage techniques and meridian balancing: very powerful and awakening to help release and dissolve anger, rage, depression, and multi-generational issues, and helps to resolve imbalance triggers. As good as Ayahuasca, Sanatra has you relax on the healing table in a safe, nurturing environment and helps you go within to work through, bring up, and move through blocks by feeling, seeing and understanding old patterning.

Black Pearl may help release deep seated trauma, stress through your amygdale gland which stores memories caused by fear and anger. It helps restore blood flow throughout the body and blocks such as sexual issues, 3rd eye, wisdom and knowingness, indecision, forgiveness, obsessiveness, bitterness, chronic insomnia, and fatigue, through balancing your meridians, organs and energy flow.

This ancient session is about 90 - 150 minutes: $125-$200.

CCMBA/CCSBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment, / Complete Cellular Soul Body Alignment)

Helps heal deep into a cellular & DNA level to clear morphogenetic energy fields throughout your entire life time, even back into the womb, conception and past lives. This Mind/Body Healing technique may help reconnect you to the fullness of the universe and who you really are, returning balance to the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional parts of our being. It can be a life-changing experience helping to release deep-seated emotional and physical trauma. Some claims have been bones realignment, relief of chronic back/neck pain, scoliosis, addictions, and poisons from their system; some have a Divine spiritual awakening, are energized, an increase healing abilities, positive shifts, feeling changed from the core of their being and attitude towards others. Inside each one of us there exists an infinite source of wisdom, and an unlimited reservoir of possibilities that are awakening. The session begins with the fully clothed client in a seated position. At some point during the session, the client may be asked to move to the floor for their own safety as there is almost always a loss of balance. 60-100 minutes:


CCMBA, developed Dr. Sharon Forrest and taught world-wide by herself and many of her facilitators, is claimed by researchers to be the most powerful Hands-On-Healing Technique in the medical and spiritual fields today. "Miraculous" healing invariably takes place - a truly electro-magnetic phenomenon and proof of the body’s innate power to seek homeostasis and heal. In many cases where physical treatment fails, it is because of an underlying emotional blueprint that registers fear, mistrust, rejection and abuse. This can result in chronic illness, failed relationships, addictions and negative behavior patterns.

IHAS /Intense Healing Assessment Session

When you are ready for profound change and healing alignment, try an intense afternoon with Dr. Sanatra. The process you go through is a series of priority testing, where we access through muscle testing and channeled guidance to find the modality treatments that you require first. We spend about 2 1/2 to 3 hours giving you guidance and healing in your most needed areas. Your treatments you receive may include, CCMBA/CCSBA, black pearl, massage, counseling, interactive meditation, hypnosis and many more techniques to assist you with what you need most. 2-3 hour session: $299.

Conscious Meditative Hypnosis Session

Guiding you safely inward, hypnosis can assist with mountains of healing and drawing to the surface forgotten gifts of healing waiting for you to claim. Choose from many options: Weight loss, forgiveness, healing from family issues, explore past or future lives, or even meet your guardian angel guides. $100 per hour.

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