Reiki Initiations in Chilliwack

Reiki (pronounced ray key - ray as in ray of light, key as in door key), helps you become more conscious of your surroundings and internal growth. It results in external abundance, love and peace and helps you learn how to coincide our multi-dimensional beingness.

Reiki initiations by Sanatra, Reiki master of 20 years, are by donation.

Word from Sanatra

You can have just the initiation or the day course.

I walk in the light, I live in the light, I coincide within the light. All exists here and now. Prices for a Reiki course in the early 90's were $111 level one, $222 level two, $333 level three. Today’s values are as follows:

  • $333 Level One
  • $450 Level Two
  • $888 Level Three

Once you have Reiki, you have it forever. Both of my boys have Reiki since they were young and many of my friends have it. When I became a Reiki master, I had 6 friends waiting for me to initiate them, they didn't even wait for me to go through the three week cleanse. You will be the sacred 11th number in the lineage from Dr. Usio. I am number 10. This lineage is pure and strong. After completion of the master's level, you will be initiating the 12th line. You may take one course at a time or receive all initiations at once. You are your own master

and you know how much you are ready to receive and when.

All three levels are all-day courses, so bring your beverage and lunch.

Level One

Level one is in a school setting where I introduce you to the history of Reiki, where it came from and where it is going. I will also share the insights of our chakra system in a way you will remember forever. Then you will receive the initiation and then do a hands-on Reiki treat. You leave ready to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others, even as a source of extra income if you prefer.

You receive the certificate after 3 weeks of cleansing. Level one Reiki usually opens your body's double (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) permanently. The class ends with sharing a Reiki treatment with some lucky friend or client. Then the group healing is taught and shared. Multiply, multiply, multiply and unfold!

Level Two

In Level two Reiki, the first half of the day is in the wilderness where we connect with nature, water earth, trees the elements and animal kingdom, and learn how to send distance healings. You may choose a sacred place where you desire to be initiated, or I can share my sacred places for you to choose from. Most often your bodies are raised 4 times higher. We refresh level one and two Reiki power symbols are shared. When I received level two I opened into channeling ascended masters and divine spirit, this level was life changing on all aspects.

The class ends with sharing a Reiki treatment with some lucky friend or client. Finally, group healing is taught and shared. You are ready to share multiplied healings.

Level Three

In the all-day Level 3 Reiki course, you become a certified Reiki Master through Being Bliss Healing Therapy and learn how to initiate others. To learn more about this individualized program, please contact Sanatra directly.

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